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Brooke, Boulder, CO
I've had the opportunity to work with a lot of different healers and different healing modalities over the last 13 years and I can say without a doubt that Heather embodies what it means to allow spirit to work through you. She is in tune with a higher consciousness and with a healing energy that is not only powerful but incredibly effective.
Kameron, Ladera Ranch, CA
I enthusiastically and without reservation recommend Heather to anyone seeking healing for any areas of their lives. She is highly intuitive, focused and effective in getting to the root cause of issues and helping you eliminate them. I am totally confident in Heather’s ability to help me and my family with any issue that might arise.  She’s truly gifted.
Linda, Australia
Heather has a God-given talent for inspiring others through her mastery of language and her deep intuition and wisdom.  When you know you need the Manual, Heather is it.  I don’t trust many people in this world to be honest, but I trust Heather.  I believe she was born to guide and lead others through the wilderness of modern life.  Read her words and you’ll believe it, too.
Julie, Scottsdale, AZ
My knee feels so much better since you worked on it. It literally lit up when I went through the security scanner at the airport and they had to stop and check me, so the healing energy must still be working! I also appreciate what you helped me see about my knee pain being related to the anger I was still carrying toward someone. I've been able to shift the anger into forgiveness and compassion, and I now feel better emotionally as well as physically.
Erin, Phoenix, AZ
You’re awesome. Thanks for believing so steadfastly in me and my progressive change. I’ve definitely proven to myself that I have a number of really respectable attributes, which for me is a mountain of change. Thanks for being so responsive, and receptive.
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